Windows 10 Pro Vs. Windows 10 Home: What’s Better?

After a tepid response to Windows 8.1, Microsoft came up with Windows 10 Pro, which certainly offers more and better. Windows 10 was launched in three different editions – Home, Pro, and Pro for Workstations. The Home version was designed for noncommercial use, while the Pro and Pro for Workstations versions were intended for business needs. If you are confused about choosing between Windows 10 Pro and Home versions, we have a quick guide to the basics for your help.

About using Windows 10 versions

No matter whether you need the Home or Pro version, you will have to invest in a product key. Product keys are a regular aspect of Microsoft products and are used for ensuring that the OS is used for one system or computer only. Also, every key is unique and must be used as intended. For example, if you are using the Pro version, you have to get a Windows 10 Pro key for activation. You can download Windows 10 and install it without any payment, but a key will be required for activation. With a stable internet connection, activation can be done in minutes from the “Settings” section.

Should you update to Pro?

Windows 10 Pro has been designed for businesses, especially small businesses, so there are a few extra features or inclusions that you wouldn’t get with Home. Security, Fundamentals, Management and Deployment, and Windows Update – These are the four aspects for which you can consider Windows 10 Pro version. As far as desktop experience of use is concerned, both Home and Pro feel the same, but Pro offers many additional options, such as Remote Desktop Connections.

Windows 10 Professional also uses what’s called BitLocker for extra security – a feature that’s not available for Home version. BitLocker basically assigns a password, so in case you don’t have it, a recovery key can be used to access the data. In case you lose the key & password, you will never be able to recover the data. To be more precise, no one can use your data. The Pro version also offers features Client Hyper-V feature and offers support for 2 TB of data, with special inclusions like a Windows store for Business and Trusted Boot.

Final word

If you are a small business looking to do more with Windows 10, we recommend that you consider Pro, or else, the home version is just as good with the basic features on offer.

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