What Is The Difference Between Windows 8 And Windows 10?

Ever since Apple and Linux started with the tough fight of technology, Microsoft had a hard time proving its worth in the market. The giant which was the only choice a few decades back started losing out on the market because of new technologies brought in by the competitor. While Windows 8 definitely changed things for better, Windows 10 brought back Windows the charm it needed.

Windows 10 comes with its own desktop assistant, a new web browser i.e. Spartan and a speedy operating system for the most complex of tasks to be done online. There are surely brownie points to be won when you are to buy Windows product key. Let’s find out how!

Multiple Desktop platforms

Windows 10 allows for a flexibility to seamlessly shift the attention of the person from one desktop to another. Therefore one processing system can now work on two screens and experience the very best of technology. And all of this can happen by way of a command to the desktop personal assistant Cortana or just a click on the Cortana menu on the screen.

Start Menu

Windows 8 did not have the Start menu. This came as a big blow to the windows users as this was a considerable feature easing usage. And so when Windows 8.1 was introduced Start menu made a comeback. In Windows 10 the start menu takes a smart avatar with a robust line of features that are exclusive to Windows 10 only.

Single store experience

There is only one app store for the user to sync with their PC and mobile phones. The developers can take advantage of it to design one single application that works on both PC and smartphones. As for the users it’s a big hit because all of the app details get synced automatically leading to a more holistic experience.


Windows 10 Pro has a unique feature called the Bitlocker. Here the confidential files and folders can be saved in encrypted form by the users to keep them safe. The Bitlocker works like Blockchain and isn’t accessible unless authorized by multiple security systems. With this one there is surety of safety of data at all times.

Windows 10, in all scenarios, stands out with its features and technology usage. It has been a turning point, for the users of Windows while giving a tough competition again to the giants like Apple and Linux!

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